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Fiddle Camp 2015

Next Fiddle Camp: November 15 – 17, 2019

Fiddle Camp Instructors

Rosin up your bow and get ready to join us in the hills of Tennessee for a weekend of fun, food, and fiddlin’! NashCamp’s Fiddle weekend is back and bringing the best in the business with our world renowned instructors specializing in Old Time, Celtic, Bluegrass and rock styles! No matter your skill level, there are courses for everyone with full days of unique electives covering everything from basic riffs and fills to performance technique. Concerts and jams with our instructors will fill the evenings and give you an intimate opportunity to study and play side-by-side with teachers and classmates alike.

Three delicious meals a day will be catered by Nashville’s own Jamie Protich and Front Porch Restaurant! Jamie and her crew take pride in offering high-class comfort food with a healthy twist and won’t shy away from special diets or allergy friendly alternatives. From your morning coffee to evening dessert, Jamie has you covered so you can keep fiddling all day long!

Not sure if you have enough experience? NashCamp is dedicated to giving all musicians the skills they need to hit the jam circle or stage with confidence!

Already comfortable with playing on stage or in a group? Our instructors have decades of experience playing and teaching multiple styles all over the world making NashCamp a great opportunity to learn a new skill or fine-tune what you already know!

Request your registration packet today to get started and join the NashCamp family!


**In past years, the incredibly talented, kind, and all-around wonderful person, Fletcher Bright, led our fiddle camp.  This year, the camp will continue on as NashCamp Fiddle Camp: In Memory of Fletcher Bright, in honor of his legacy during his time here on Earth, and all he contributed to the world of bluegrass music.**

Fletcher was born June 27, 1931, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. He holds an LLB and an MBA from Davidson College and worked in real estate.

Both of Fletcher’s parents were also born in Chattanooga. He is the first in his family to play the fiddle; he started playing at age 10 and says he benefited from lessons. The first fiddle tune he learned was Down Yonder which he heard on the Grand Ole Opry. Today he has too many favorite fiddle tunes to list. His favorite fiddler from the old days was Tommy Magness; favorite current fiddler is Byron Berline.

Fletcher enjoys playing old time tunes as hoedowns and waltzes, and might occasionally utilize cross tuning. He plays piano, guitar and mandolin in addition to the fiddle; favorite backup instrument for fiddle tunes is banjo.

Fletcher plays in some fiddle contests and enjoys attending them. His first entry was in 1954 in Chattanooga, where he played “Grey Eagle” with backup provided by Ray Brown. Tommy Jackson was judge, and Fletcher won first prize.

When asked to describe his fiddling style, Fletcher responds “I am all I have heard”. He notes there must be “several” fiddling styles in existence; southern fiddling prevails in his region.

Fletcher’s violin is 200 years old, has a Panormo label.  He uses a Wolf shoulder rest and has been using Helicore strings and a bow made by Emile Blondelot.

“Because I can.”