2011 NashCamp Group

“I went last year for the first time and it was amazing. I will make this a yearly tradition. It was wonderful to be with other bluegrass musicians and learn more about my instrument and bluegrass. The teachers were awesome and so encouraging. It was well planned – plenty to do but not so packed that you can not also rest and enjoy the time. Do not hesitate to attend – all levels welcomed with open arms. Hope to meet you there this year!”
Rachel McDowell 1/17/2018

“I was 55 years old in 2009 when I attended NashCamp the first of 3 times. I was not a bluegrasser, but was immediately received graciously by the wonderful Cindy Sinclair and her staff of instructors. The things I learned, the musical instruction, the jams w/ new friends, the nightly concerts given by the pros and the amazing Mad Platter inspired food were more than I had expected. It was a rebirth of my love of stringed instruments. I changed classes all 3 times that I attended and got great professional instruction each time. Cindy Sinclair has a winner in NashCamp. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF! You won’t be disappointed.”
James H. “Jimmy” Vining, Jr. 1/17/2018

“Nashcamp is a fun musical learning experience. The facilities and instructors are great. The fact that class size is maintained at small numbers insures that the instructor can pay attention to each students needs. Also, the food is top notch! I give Nashcamp 6 stars out of 5!”
David Walker 1/17/2018

“There’s a distinct reason that the majority of Nashcamp attendees are repeat students. The entire experience is thoroughly enjoyable. From the recording artist Instructor level and small class sizes, to the lodging/facilities and the gourmet cuisine offerings at each meal. Solid friendships are secured, personal interactions with instructors are fruitful, and evening performances and student jam sessions are only exceeded by the graduation night performances at the famous Station Inn with bands formed early in the week. Value for the dollar, it’s the country’s best bluegrass camp. Try a week, and you’ll want to return…”
Jim H. 1/17/2018

“NashCamp is perfect in either the week long camps or the weeked banjo retreat.The best accomodations, the best teachers, the best diet-breaking food, the best campers ( I really have “friends ” from my attendance) , the best instructors , the best weather, the best parking,the best directions, the best Cindy Sinclair ( if there are others , we have the best one by far), the best coffee ,the best T -shirts , the best time.”
Steve Martin 4/26/2012

“The Nashcamp banjo retreat one of my favorite annual events. I’ve attended 6 of the last 7 years. The week long bluegrass camps are a lot of fun, too, I’ve been to a couple of those — focused on learning to play/sing bluegrass in a band setting. Awesome, awesome camps — 10/10 stars.”
Tyler Gingrich 4/26/2012

“Nashcamp was a life changing experience for me. Not only did it improve my ability to share my thoughts and feelings through music and put me in front of some key music industry insiders, it also brought some lifelong friends into my life. It’s a cathardic, educational and very fun experience I recommend to anyone who wants to learn to better express themselves through songwriting or music. I loved it so much, I’ve been three times and hope to go again in the future.”
Meredith Rainey 5/6/2012

“If you ever dreamed of playing in a bluegrass band with all the instruments, then NashCamp is the ticket. The instructors are top notch and the jams with fiddle, mandolin, dobro, guitar, banjo, and bass go late into the night. And the food is outstanding. There is no better way to spend a week.”
Paul Means 5/12/2012

“As a whole, the world of NashCamp is unquestionably something to be experienced… and anyone who has been knows the trusim, ‘Once a NashCamper, always a NashCamper.’ Nashcamp is the place where music is played, songs are sung and harmonious friendships are strongly forged.”
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Bonnie Caron

“NashCamp is fun! Small class size, one on one attention, incredible food and atmosphere and a camaraderie second to none makes it the best value among music camps, hands down.”
Tim Stafford – Songwriter, guitarist and Grammy winner

“It was like boot camp for aspiring musicians and songwriters, with a whole lot of fun thrown in.”
NashCamp alumnus Dierks Bentley, Country music star and hit singer-songwriter

“I got inspired and educated by writers who’ve actually had cuts and publishing company honchos who have the inside track on the business.”
Dee Shelton, who pitched her song at NashCamp and to get a number one record on the bluegrass charts

“I won’t promise that you will experience nirvana (the state of, not the band), but it’s as close as I’ve been in a long time.”
Kent Agne

“Where else can you get personal attention from the masters of bluegrass music? Good food, good people, jamming by firelight — I had the time of my life. I’m coming back every year!”
Sophia Trone, Los Angeles, California

“Its a great week to sit back and enjoy the company of people who just want to play bluegrass. Instructors are great, food is great, jam sessions run well into the a.m.”
Lynn, a NashCamp resonator guitar student

“To all first timers : be prepared for a music camp like none you have ever been to.  As a long long-time Nashcamper, some of the things I think you need to bring to camp are:
1) Some good calluses on your fingers (by Wednesday morning you will thank me for this one)

2) A big appetite for fantastic food (diet now, gain then)
3) Sleep now (no sleep then)
4) Fun loving attitude (leave your stress at home or if you like, we can make you laugh so hard you will forget what been bugging you for so long)

The keys to learning the most will be . . .
1) Openness to make new best music friends (you will meet at least two or more people who you will never forget, the camp director Cindy will be one of them)
2) Confidence in that you will meet some campers that will not play as good as you and you can teach them some things you know.
3) Humility because you will be blown away by others (one or two that will be half your age) but most will be willing to teach you.
4) Assurance that you will bring home at least a year of new stuff for you to work on”
Len Lawhon – Mandolin, Banjo, Resonator Guitar.
Olive Branch, MS

“To all of the new folks, I can’t accurately describe the NashCamp experience to you, and I have tried to friends, family and other musicians. But if history is any indication, it will be an experience you will never forget. Cindy Sinclair, the Queen Bee of Musical Love, will make sure magic happens again. Marcia’s meals alone are worth the price of admission.”
Bob Hemmer

Boys and girls, ladies and germs, I have just returned from an entire week of bluegrass reso immersion and a better time can not be had within the constraints of the law. As Jerry Clower would say, “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! SOMEBODY SHOOT THIS THING”.
Cindy Sinclair runs this show with all bluegrass instruments, including singing and songwriting into a weeklong camp with morning instruction in your chosen instrument, afternoon electives, and then forming into bands and working up a couple of tunes to play at the world famous Station Inn in Nashville on Friday night.
Mike Witcher is the reso teacher and great at it. I learned more in one week than I learned in years of picking at it. I actually understood a lot of what I always considered inane musical theory and applied it. The class was limited to nine students and only three of us showed up. Suckers. What a missed opportunity for the rest of the world. Tim Scheerhorn sat in on the classes also and brought in a different Horn every day. That was a treat in and of itself.
Tim Scheerhorn taught electives in the afternoons and fixed/setup everybody’s instruments that needed a little tweaking and I stuck to him like glue. That was worth the price of admission. What a fountain of knowledge!
My band was a great group of people from all over the country and my jaws were sore from laughing so much. Fletcher Bright (of the Dismembered Tennesseans) was our band coach and his granddaughter was our lead singer. She had a great voice and was learning some fine guitar breaks from Tim Stafford.
I am currently under the weather because I haven’t had more than five hours sleep a night all week. Too much picking to be done and you don’t want to sleep in and miss any meals. They are all great. I’ll need a month to recover but what a ball I had. I could type for hours but work has piled up so I’ll head back to the salt mines with musical memories dancing in my head.   

Tom Bushelman, Jr.